Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mexicantown Welcome Center

Well, when I first saw the news article about this in the Detroit News, I thought "WTF?". And then my friend Terrible Teddy pointed it out as well, and I thought "well, guess I better look into this". There's no WAY that my tax dollars are going to some sort of illegal alien welcome center, because I'll lead a revolution if that were the case...or at least write letters to every politician that I know and post something here.

Well, the research that I've done has been less than conclusive, but it looks like the Welcome Center is a tourist thing. Basically, the Mexicantown area in Detroit is right off the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor, Ontario, Canada, with D-town. A lot of development has been happening in that area over the last five years, including shops, residential areas, etc. This was supposed to be a centerpiece for the area, attracting tourists and providing information about the things you can do in Mexicantown.

Now, I dunno about now, since I've not been there in about three years, but back in the day, there was two things you could do in Mexicantown: Go to Xochimilco's, arguably one of the best Mexican restaurant I've EVER been to, and get robbed. Hopefully, with all the new development, the latter isn't as prevalent a choice anymore.

And apparently, it wasn't completely funded by tax dollars, which I'm also appreciative of.

So, no complaints from me right now about this deal, and heck, I hope it helps develop the area so that our tax dollars aren't used so much to support it.

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