Thursday, October 05, 2006


Who knew what and when did they know it?

That seems to be the mantra chanted by both the Republicans and the Dimwitocrats over the past week in regards to Congressman Mark Foley's stupidity when it comes to IM'ing and emailing male, minor Congressional Pages. The dimwits are chanting it because it is politically expedient (not saying the Republicans aren't) to weaken the leadership of the Republican House and make it look like Speaker Hastert knew, but did nothing about it.
The Republicans are chanting it because it defrays attention from the actual scandal and also attempts to cast the Dimwits in a negative light, by saying that they put more minors at risk by not saying anything until the last minute, despite the fact that an apparent Dimwit operative had this information almost two years ago.

Who's right?

Neither. Mark Foley is a scumbag who deserves not only to be drummed out of the House unceremoniously, but also charged with felonies. Those felonies would be the same felonies that became felonies thanks to the laws he helped get passed. If you took one minute to read some of the crap that Foley was tossing around at the pages, you'd be with me on this.

The only thing that I WOULD like to emphasize is that former Congressman Gerry Studds, (unfortunate name, yes) admitted to actually HAVING sex with pages (not cybering, but actually physical sex), and was censured. However, during the censure vote, he turned his back on the House in a symbolic move to basically say "screw you people, I'm a congressman, I'll do what I want". When he left the House, he was given a standing ovation by the Dimwitocrat caucus.
Current Congressman Barney Frank (or Barney Fag)had a boyfriend who operated a male prostitution ring out of his apartment. Franks was also investigated for fixing tickets for his boyfriend's clientele who received them for parking in front of his apartment. Franks is now one of the 'voices of moral reason' in the Dimwitocrat caucus.

So, let's face it, the world if full of scumbags. We both have our share. The only problem being a Republican is that when our scumbags are discovered, they're splashed all over the news for weeks. When theirs are discovered, they hide it on page D-19 of the papers, and they never get a breath of air on TV.

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