Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gettin muddy

It seems that things are getting muddy in Michigan, and I'm not referring to the weather. 'Tis political season, and that means that lies and innuendo are being slung around the airwaves more often than rumors of Brittney & K-fed breaking up.
This morning I saw some ads that troubled me though, and while I know it's just typical lying political groups, I thought I'd address a few things here. The particular advertisement was for Alexander Lipsey, who is running for State Senate against Tom George. Not a particularly sexy race, but one that I think really typifies the races across the state. It's definitely a competitive district, but also one where the Dimwitocrats love to attack the incumbent, George. Last election, Ed Laforge, the Dimwitocrats candidate, threw everything but the kitchen sink at George and he was able to come through it, but this year remains to be seen.
Anyway, the advertisement has this couple sitting at the kitchen table (apparently a place that all folksy political ads should be filmed) and they talk about how they both lost their jobs due to outsourcing. Outsourcing has become the 'dirty word' of politics in Michigan lately, because apparently focus groups have shown the Dimwitocrats that this word gets a rise out of people. Except for the fact that outsourcing means that the company actually gives the work to OTHER companies rather than moving the work to another country...but let's not argue semantics right now. So, these two people say that Tom George voted against a meaningless proposal in the Michigan state senate that asked the US Congress to pass a law punishing companies that outsource work and that they lost their job because of him.
Now, I realize that political ads have to say a lot in a short time, but let's at least have some semblance of truth in them. Yes, Tom George voted against it. Not sure why, not that it matters. It was meaningless. Asking the US Congress to pass a law like that is akin to just asking companies to go ahead and move all their operations out of the country because we're going to be just about as friendly to the corporate world as Europe. Obviously this ad is funded by unions who could care less about the health of the company, as long as they get their share.
The couple goes on to say that their jobs were 'outsourced' to Mexico. This is where I stood up and went "HOOOOOOOLLLD on there partner". Isn't Mexico where the former hero/Presidential candidate turned nutjob, Ross Perot said that there would be a giant sucking sound coming from? And isn't Mexico the number one beneficiary of NAFTA, the treaty supported by the Dimwitocrats patron saint of liberalism, William Jefferson Clinton? Ah yes, it comes full circle.

But it doesn't end there. about 15 minutes later, I'm watching the news, they break for commercial and here's the SAME commercial. However, this time, they've edited it so that it's against Michael Bouchard, the candidate for Senate against worthless Debbie Stabenow. And they've added on the end that a vote for Bouchard is like a vote for Bush and Devos economic policies. Funny thing is, everywhere else in the entire country the economy is rocking right along. Unemployment is down, housing starts are STILL going, amazingly so, inflation is tame, and people are working. Yes, jobs are lost, but other companies are hiring those people right back into the work force. However, in Michigan, the state is sucking. And while they'd like to blame Bush, let's face it, the Dimwitocrats have run the state for four years, as well as the fact that we've had Dimwitocrats Senators for the last six years.

And we see how well that's worked out for us.

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