Thursday, October 26, 2006

Muslim Leader: Women make us rape them

Seriously. Are you kidding me?

In 2000, there was a series of gang rapes where women were attacked by a mob of muslim animals. Only 9 of the 14 animals who participated in these rapes have been convicted of their crimes, due to lack of evidence on the other 5. They've been sentenced to anywhere between 11 and 40 years in prison, being other peoples bitches.

However, now the senior cleric in Australia has come out and said that it's the girls fault. It's their fault because they "sway suggestively and wore make-up and immodest dress". Now, I understand that it's their belief that women should be dressed conservatively with the veil and all that, but how in the hell can this assbandit get away with this sort of crap without the left going nuts? Muslims like to spout off all the crap about how they're a civilized religion, religion of peace, etc, but then want to abdicate responsibility for anything that they do, blaming it on others.
"That homocide bombing wasn't our fault, Israel oppresses us"

"9/11 isn't our fault, the US is the great satan"

"These gang-rapes aren't our fault, these women dressed suggestively, wore makeup and let's face it, they were hot!"

The funny thing is, that feeds right into the beliefs of many of the people who are beginning to hate Islam, stating that it is a religion of animals and medieval-minded morons.

I personally know and am friends with several Muslims that don't fall into this category, and just like any other sweeping generalization, you can't paint them all with a broad brush. But these other clowns keep giving me the brush, paint, and instructions to start going that direction.

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