Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gun grabbing

Those of you who are consistent readers of this blog, or who know me personally, know that I'm a strong advocate for the second amendment. Granted, I'm a strong advocate of all the amendments, but unlike liberals, I don't pick and choose. Freedom of religion is a right guaranteed by the constitution, as is freedom of speech, congregation, and gun ownership. The founding fathers intent was to ensure that the people were never again under the thumb of government and suppressed as they were under the King of England.

But what has happened over the last 50 years is so disgusting a violation of the people's consitutional rights that we should be outraged. But instead some just nod their heads and say "Yeah, really..what does someone need a gun for with the police protecting them?"

Well, out of all the lessons of Katrina, the most compelling that I've found is the necessity of people to fight for their rights to own and carry a firearm. Not just the looting, raping, and murdering brings this to mind, but the fact that the authorities entered citizens homes, law abiding citizens mind you, and took their firearms from them. These were the same citizens that the police could NOT protect from the gang members and hooligans roaming the streets, the police were entering their houses like the Nazi's and taking their only defense.

Normally, I don't advocate joining any organizations or donating money to political causes here, because I don't really think that my place is to solicit funds for a third party.

But, people with intelligence, people who are intellectually honest, and people who want to defend the citizens rights to own and carry a gun should join the NRA. Period. I've even provided a handy link right there. It's all of $35/year. Heck, that's a cheap night out at the bar for some of know who you are.

And if you don't believe me that the SS police were confiscating guns, something the media and liberal left wing gun grabbers said would never happen, take a look at Yes, it's done by the NRA, and obviously they have their own axe to grind, but if you truly look at what happened in New Orleans from a gun right standpoint, how can anyone in an area where disasters may hit, not be horrified. Houston, all of Florida, California....this could happen to you. Although in CA, most of the guns are in museums anyway, thanks to the government of the Peoples Republic of CA.

I'm not saying it'll happen again. I'm just sayin it'll definitely happen again if people don't voice their dissent.

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