Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Let's get one thing straight

Israel is not targeting residential areas, unless rockets are fired from within those areas. Much like the US, Israel has amazingly good technology and can see from satellites and drones where these rockets are being fired, within a 10 foot radius.
For the liars in the mainstream media to say that the Israeli military is deliberately targeting civilians, is just more BS that they're trying to spoon-feed the majority of the world.
Truth is, Hezbollah is hiding in those regions, as everyone already knows, and firing at Israel from those civilian targets. Yes, Israeli bombs kill children and women. But it's the Hezbollah idiots firing rockets from those neighborhoods who have the blood on THEIR hands for this.

Not Israel.

Oh, and congratulations to the Israeli hackers who pwnd the Hezbollah propaganda TV. They got m@d sk!llz yo.

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