Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hate Crime? What hate crime?

Ok, so you probably know that my opinion of 'hate crimes' is that it's a bastardization of the legal system to ensure that someone achieves 'victim' status and has further reason to sue later.
But, if you're going to have 'hate' crimes, perhaps we should have some thing called a "we're lying about this crime so that angry mobs of people don't gang up on muslims and kill them" crimes.

I mean seriously, someone firebombs a door at a Baltimore Hebrew University and they attribute it to juvenile delinquents? PUHLEEZE.

A muslim forces his way into a Jewish community center by grabbing a 13 year old girl and holding a gun to her head, and this is not a hate crime? Jesus Christ, the guy SAID "I'm a muslim American, angry at Israel". Is that NOT the definition of a hate crime, being mad at someone and picking on them solely because of what, who, or what color they are? And when people asked if this was an act of terror, the 'authorities' said "We believe it's a lone individual acting out his antagonism". Are you friggin kidding me?

The idiot in North Carolina that ran his Explorer into a crowd of kids at the University of North Carolina because he was angry about the American policy in Iraq. Hate crime? NAW...just good old fashioned kids having fun. Oh yeah, he was a muslim too.

Maybe I just have too much logic in my brain to wrap around this sort of political correct bs, but I can guarantee one thing. If a mosque were to be firebombed, spray painted, or vandalized in any way, that would be considered a hate crime by the local authorities and they'd probably bring in the FBI.

Nice double standard ya got there, morons. What the hell is wrong with this picture?

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