Friday, July 28, 2006

Dear Mr. President....

What the hell is wrong with you? No, I don't mean this in a "I'm a Cindy Sheehag/Howeird Dean fan" way. I mean this in a "why are you currently fighting the Democrats with your hands tied around your balls?" way.
Truly, the discovery of WMD's in Iraq should have been trumpeted from every Republican mouth from sea to shining sea. Instead, the Whitehouse's muted response looked to be choreographed by Harry "I'm no crook" Reid. Hell, if I was in charge I would have bought advertising time on every major network, Fox News and that sorry other news network.
And as time rolls by, more and more evidence is being uncovered that you WERE RIGHT supporting the invasion, that Iraq HAD WMD's, and they moved them out as the whining UN and anti-war protesters delayed our actions, effectively allowing Saddam and the rest to move these weapons into the hands of Syria. That would be the same Syria that actively funds Hezbollah, Hamas, and countless other TERROR organizations.

What's that? Yes, they say Iraq isn't part of the War on Terror. Shows how ignorant they really are doesn't it?

And Italy wasn't part of WWII either.

People need to know this stuff. You DIDN'T lie. I know that that the standard response from this administration is that we want to elevate ourselves above the fray and not participate in such immature arguments. However, it's time that you start defending your policies, your administration, and your actions with facts. The facts that are out there and prove we were right.


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