Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The next 90 days should prove to be some of the most interesting political watching times in a long time. Ned Lamont's squeaker of a victory in Connecticut proves one thing, that Kos and his other nutbags are definitely good at getting out the radical left-wing vote.
What remains to be proven is whether they can prove to the rest of the sentient beings in CT (they are few and far between from my understanding) that their candidate deserves their vote.

I predict that Liebs will win in November, as an independent, 55-45, but still remain the moderating, decent voice in the Senate that he usually is, with the occasional rant out to the left.

What seriously shocked me, and I'm not easily shocked, was the complete and total antisemitism in many of the comments on some of the sites supporting Lamont. I mean, I expected one or two comments saying that Lieberman and his wife Hadassah are part of a giant Zionist conspiracy, blah blah.....but wow. I mean, the hatred was palpable, and about every fifth comment or post was something about Zionism, jews running everything, Israel oppressing the Pallys, 'hebs' being taught a lesson, etc.

Yet people of the Jewish faith still turn out in droves for the Dimwitocrats. Much like the Black voter block, the Dimwits can always count on them, no matter how much they abuse them in the process.

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