Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Jennifer Granholm plays the blame game

Jennifer Granholm has been campaigning saying that her leadership has helped Michigan retain jobs and she needs another four years to implement the things that she said she would implement over the last four years.
Of course, she blames the fact that she didn't get it done on John Engler, the previous governor, because supposedly he left her with a horrible deficit, bad budget, etc. And she blames the loss of jobs in the state of Michigan on George W. Bush and the Republicans in DC.

Curiously, she doesn't note that under George W. Bush, no other states (other than hurricane ravaged Louisiana) lost jobs last year. She also doesn't mention the fact that during the past four years the GDP of every state other than Michigan and Louisiana has increased as well.

Dick DeVos, who I'm not 100% sold on as a candidate for governor, but he's the only choice we have, has played the political game pretty well so far. His campaign has stayed above board, out of the mud, and for that, I'm impressed. Once Ms. Granholm started seeing her once formidable lead disintegrate, she immediately got into the mud and started accusing DeVos of exporting jobs to China. I guess he touched a nerve.

But my point to her is, even if DeVos exported every job that he's created over the last 10 years of philanthropy and business to China but one, that's one more job than she created in the last year.

I guess that money that the governor cut out of the education budget that the Republican House and Senate wanted should have been spent on mathematics education.

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