Friday, August 18, 2006

Feel safer today?

Well you should. At least according to the liberals/dimwitocrats. With the decision yesterday by Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit, you should feel much better. No longer is it legal for the federal government to listen in on your phone calls to your mom to discuss her tuna casserole recipe. Never mind the fact that they DIDN'T IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE.
These calls:

  • Involved only calls to or from foreign countries
  • Involved persons who are not American citizens
  • Involved persons who were suspected of having ties to Al-Qaeda

  • But don't listen to me, do some research yourself.

    Also, Ms. Taylor is an appointee of Jimmy Carter, who obviously isn't exactly an expert at keeping America safe.

    Even the bastion of liberalism that is the Washington Post criticized Ms. Taylor's 'angry rhetoric' filled opinion. Calling it neither scholarly or careful, the Post states that they doubt this will be the last word on the opinion.

    One last point, reports last week were that some of the data that was used to break up the plots to blow up the planes from Britain last week was acquired from this program.

    Still feel safe?

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