Monday, August 14, 2006

Animals. Period.

I love the apologists in the mass media who would equivocate the Hamas or Hezbollah terrorists with our founding fathers. Love those people, because it definitely shows me the ones that obviously I'll no longer need to waste my time to listen to.
Take a look at the Hamas/Hezbollah/Jihad animals and how they treat people who they suspect as collaborators. Notice, I didn't say that the person WAS a collaborator, I said he was someone that they THINK is one. Otherwise known as someone who pissed off someone within those organizations who in turn probably spread a rumor that he was collaborating.
If the Marines in Guantanamo did ANYTHING like this, America would be condemned as uncivilized and in violation of 47 different international laws, as well as being war criminals , blah blah blah.
But let these animals do it, it's just excused by the apologists as them releasing their anger because we've oppressed them.

Why do they call them liberals?

Because spineless whiny apologist wimp bitches doesn't fit well into a news article.

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