Saturday, August 19, 2006


For those of you who don't care, this will be a post about my former employer. Feel free to skip it if you're not interested in the standard stupidity of corporate life.

After talking to a number of my former co-workers in passing, just saying hey, or having them ask me questions about various technical things, I've found out some things that I can't let stand.

1. I did not get fired for something unethical. In fact, they never told me why I was fired. The spineless gutless worm who is the partner in charge, Raj, told me that 'It was time we parted ways'. That's it, nothing more. Truly the reason I was fired was because I called Raj out on his various and sundry stupidities. Measures of success of the group that contradicted themselves, wanting us to work more hours in a week but not giving anyone credit for the hours spent travelling, asking for people to spend time doing 'R&D' type work, but at the same time refusing to give them scheduled time to do it. Stuff like that. That and he allowed the suck-asses in the group, such as Jill, Hendo, Del, et al to basically make decisions that damaged the group and ran down morale (see #2)
2. Despite what Raj says, it wasn't me that ran down group morale. It was his asinine, micromanaging decisions. When you tell people who spend a good 10-12 hours a week travelling that those hours are on their own dime and they can't be counted in their overall annual total goal, that is going to bring down morale. When you allow the technical expertise that makes the group the cutting edge, shit-hot group that it is to leave without so much as raising a finger in protest, that is going to bring down morale. When you allow the idiots in the group to continually act like they do something, when everyone knows, including you that they don't, that is going to bring down morale. It's not all about money, Raj. Perhaps in your next leadership/partner retreat, they'll explain that to you.
3. To a man(and woman), every person I know who has left Crowe is much happier where they are now. There are two guys who are in the middle east who are happier now than when they were in the group run by this moron. One in Iraq, one in Saudi Arabia. Picture that, 10,000 miles from home, under constant threat of death, and still happier than working for Raj. That should tell you right there all you need to know.

And finally,
4. My former boss, whom I stuck up for a LOT when he first came on, is now stabbing me in the back amongst my peers. Saying that I did things that were unethical, didn't help the group, brought the group down, deserved to be fired, etc. Funny thing about that, I showed up to every client, did my work, helped the clients, and not one client complained about me. At least two other members of the group, missed flights, didn't complete their work on time, and clients complained about them. Did they get fired? Nope. Why? Minorities or women. Oh, and they didn't have the balls to step to Raj and call him out on his bullshit.

Anyway, this will be the last you hear about this company from me. However, if I hear one more thing from you Raj, plan on hearing from my lawyer. The security world is a funny business, it's much smaller than you think, and when reputation is all you have and someone else is dragging yours down, it can get ugly.

Remember that.

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