Monday, April 25, 2005

Words mean things

As one of my hero's, Rush Limbaugh states on a regular basis "Words mean things". Now, to most of us, that's obvious. However to some, they don't realize that the liberals are using words to couch various arguements in THEIR terms as opposed to the actual reality. Here's some examples:
Nuclear Option- term used to describe the constitutionally protected changing of the Senate rules to allow for the breaking of a filibuster with a simple majority vote rather than a super-majority. Obviously having a negative implication and making Republicans look like they're doing something less than ethical.
Radical Religious Right- term used to describe pretty much anyone who believes that religion should influence the way the government should govern. Or anyone who's religious beliefs cause them to have principles that they stand up for which are contrary to the 'radical left' ideas that tend to waft from their heads. I've never heard of Jessie Jackson referred to as the Radical Religious Left but perhaps Looney Liberal Left doesn't roll off the tongue quite as nicely as R-cubed.
Undocumented workers- Last time I checked the term was ILLEGAL ALIEN.
Freedom of choice- Freedom to abort as many babies as you want. No, you can't CHOOSE life, that's not really a choice they encourage. Abortion is the only choice there.
Insurgents- No, they're terrorists. As the majority of these murderers have been found to be from another country, you can't really refer to them as revolutionaries or insurgents. If most were from Iraq and fighting for their 'independence', then I'd go along with it.
Tax cuts for the rich- This is something the mass media basically just picked up from the Democrats marching orders. Everyone got a tax cut. At least, everyone who actually PAYS taxes. Since the rich tend to pay more of the taxes than everyone else (see my Taxday post), they're going to see a tax cut. While this statement is partially true, the rich DID get a tax cut, so did the poor that pay did the middle class that pays taxes. That's what happens when EVERYONE gets a tax cut. Of course most of the senators who complained, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Clinton, et al, don't do their own taxes, pay their own bills, etc, nor have they EVER, and thus have no idea what it's like to pay taxes anyway.

So next time you get your news from one of the major media outlets, make sure and notice the words they use, because they MEAN things....and you'll be able to pick out just how biased they are.

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