Tuesday, April 12, 2005

First Lady? Thank God no...

Theresa Heinz (I won't dignify the stupidity to add the Kerry onto her name, since she only added it shortly before the election and immediately removed it upon the loss) has donated $4 million to the Andy Warhol Museum. Now that in and of itself is no big deal, as super-rich people and people like Ms. Kerry who've gotten rich by marrying well, do this all the time. The interesting thing is when you do a little research, unlike what the Chicago Tribune did in their article. They just note that the $4 million was given, making her look to be a wonderful gal, right?
Check out some of the displays at the Warhol museum. Apparently the pictures from Abu Ghraib is fair game for art, despite the fact that it is a complete disservice to any veteran, especially the ones who served honorably in Iraq.
Per her usual M.O., Ms. Heinz contributes to whatever organization further denigrates the image of the US.
This $4 mill added to the previous gift of $5 million from the Heinz foundation also chaired by Ms. Heinz just shows the pattern of utter disregard and hatred for a country that has allowed her such a rich and lavish life that she can not have any concern for anyone but herself.

Too bad we can't get her to OD on some of her gin-soaked raisins.

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