Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I've been informed that there are some folks that I work with that read my blog regularly. Welcome. Obviously, I appreciate the fact that you're here and if you like it, great, if you don't, well....too damn bad.
Apparently there's a misconception that I have to represent my employer well in my little piece of the Internet universe here and that if I present something that may be a tad offensive, or derogatory toward my employer, that I'm in the wrong. That misconception is based upon the assumption that I have revealed my employer. Now, had I done that, I'd definitely feel an obligation to not slam them in public, and not slam individual persons at said employer. But I haven't. Feel free to search my archives and you'll find that at no time have I said the name of my employer. Not only that, but I haven't even mentioned where my employer is. The only thing that is publicly available about my employer is that it's somewhere near Kalamazoo Michigan, which is the city that's listed as my home. Since that's easily fudged, it may not even be correct. However, assuming that it is, there's about 1 million people within an hours drive of Kalamazoo, including the cities of Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Holland, Benton Harbor, and (if I drive REALLY damn fast) Lansing. These particular metro areas include some of the larger employers in the state of Michigan, including the federal government (the Fed Center in BC), the State of Michigan (multiple locations, but mostly in Lansing), Pfizer, Steelcase, Haworth, GM, Johnson Controls, Whirlpool, and a multitude of mid-major universities, and hospitals where I could perform my stated occupation of a computer geek. That doesn't even begin to count the thousands upon thousands of smaller companies.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is, kiss my ass. Don't like what is said on my blog? Don't come back. If you think that my blog is to be used for anything other than posting whatever the hell I feel like talking about, and in whatever tone I feel like talking about it, you're sadly mistaken, and obviously a loser who has too much time on his hands, spending it browsing other peoples blogs(and whining about them), rather than pulling that stick out of your ass and getting a life.

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