Friday, April 22, 2005

Immigration- A Republican splitting point

If there's any one issue that's going to ensure the destruction of the Republican majority, it's illegal aliens. No, I'm not going to refer to them as 'undocumented workers'. They're not. Once we allow people to frame the argument in THEIR words, we've lost. They're illegal. Period.
It's not that the DemoncRATS have such a great strategy for dealing with the illegals. They don't. In fact, up until recently, their only strategy was to go against whatever policy the Republicans had, but still register those illegals to vote, and encourage them to vote for DemoncRATS.
The illegal alien issue is the speeding freight train bearing down on the Republican party that threatens to undo all the work that has been done to advance the Republican agenda over the last number of years. Recent surveys have shown that people in America rank illegal immigration as one of their top concerns. That's amazing considering that the survey area includes states such as CA and TX, two states that couldn't be more polar opposite in their political standpoints. However, the majority agree that illegal aliens must be not allowed to remain in this country, and that the borders need to be tightened.
The Minuteman Project is demonstrating that a bit of enforcement will cut down on the numbers of illegal aliens being allowed into the country. Granted, this is anecdotal, but there have been instances of people thanking the volunteers of the Project for their first good nights sleep in years, having not been woke up by their dogs barking at the illegals running through their yards. And apparently, the ACLU Potsmokers(check the link!)/DemoncRATS have finally found an 'illegal alien' that they're willing to arrest and prosecute.
This is one issue(of a couple)that I disagree with President Bush. He supports a 'Temporary worker" program which, even though it specifically says in the document that he does not support an amnesty program, sounds an awful lot LIKE an amnesty program. Mr. President, we've got enough 'Temporary workers'. Look around. They're called 'unemployed Americans'.
The rest of the proposal that the Republicans have made is a good start, but not nearly enough.
Senator Barbara Boxer(D-CA), recently made a statement that she strongly opposes the proposed overhaul based upon the temporary workers. What? A DemoncRAT actually showing some conservative lines? Nope. Just the fact that Boxer just won re-election and won't have to own up to this for another six years, during which time the media in California will have forgiven her and not said another word about it...unless of course this becomes an issue that the DemoncRATS start realizing that they can win. If Republicans aren't going to stand up for the security of the country and our economy, it creates a huge opening for DemoncRATS.
This is an issue that can divide the Republican party significantly enough to cause the DemoncRATS to win in several states, even if the RATS do nothing.

Take note, Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, and all you limp-wristed, linguini-spined Republican Senators: We're here, we're watching, and we're expecting REAL results. Don't let us down.


Anonymous said...

There are two issues where my liberal Pres shows his true colors:
1. Letting the ACLU write his press releases on the MInutemen - Vigilantes.

2. The new taxes and tax hikes he is preparing on Soc Sec. The liberal solution for all problems is bigger govt. more taxes.

Starting to look like 1988 all over.'
Rod Stanton

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the Minutemen. How was I to know Bush would turn liberal after the election? It is no coincident that since he joined the ACLU and ran up the white flag (vigilantes my a--) that the terrorists have come back to life and there are more bombings and killing. He said he wanted to win the war before I voted for him. The first thing he does is say lets surrended. He lied to us in 04. I voted for another lieing, liberal Bush!
At least the Minuteme want to protect America!
Pat Kelly

Anonymous said...

Pat - - You are right . We got lied to by a big government liberal in 04. What choice did we have. Both W and JFK were big govt libs? Both want to give up on the War on Terror. Thank God for Arnold!
Rod Stanton

Anonymous said...

W is no the only lieral republican out there. Almost every republican congressmen is looking or bigger government and more spending. THe only difference between the dems and the republicans is he tax issue. The dems want to tax and spend running up less debt, while the republicans want to cut tax and spend running up more debt.

If you want smaller government, it is time to get away fromt eh two party system and throw some votes the libertarian way. Badnarik in '08