Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Liberal sensitivities

Hypocrisy. Yep, that's it. Utter hypocrisy. Apparently when conservatives distribute humor that says "Republicans vote on Tuesday, Democrats vote on Wednesday", or there's any sort of t-shirt that may possibly be politically incorrect, they will cross hell and earth to stop the distribution of it.
But apparently that courtesy doesn't extend to the leader of the free world. If there would have been a bag/t-shirt that said this during the Clinton administration, the mainstream press would have been up in arms and it would have been a top story on every single newspaper in the country. But I guess it's perfectly fine, because it's a Republican that it's about. My bumper sticker stating that "Ted Kennedy has killed more people than all my guns" gets all kinds of dirty looks, but apparently it's offensive. I didn't say that he should die, despite my complete desire that he did. I guess it's ok for libs to do that though. It's so great that we have such sensitive, tolerant, accepting people in the world. They're definitely worth keeping around.

At least for target practice anyway.

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