Thursday, September 11, 2008

You stay classy Obama

Several notes:
1. When a Republican says something like a candidate's "only qualification is that she hasn't had an abortion", that Republican is forced to resign through pressure via the media and Dimwitocrats constantly bemoaning the hate speech coming from 'the Right'. However, when the Dimwitocratic Chairperson of South Carolina says it about the Republican candidate, that's perfectly fine and not even mentioned on any major news outlets. Shocker.
And the media is baffled, just baffled, about recent polls that show the American people thinking they're in Barry Hussein Obama's pocket.
2. I was reminded, during his 'lipstick on a pig' comment, of Barry's response to Hillary cleaning his clock in the Philadelphia debate. He had just been busted with his comment about small town people clinging to guns and religion and was mostly on the defensive for a bit there, until the media gave him a pass. See if you can pick out Barry's clandestine sign language message to Hillary:

3. Why is it that Dimwitocrats are allowed to politicize 9/11 when it comes to their own purposes to complain about the war, complain about our defending ourselves, complain about health issues, complain about global warming, complain about the price of gas...damn near anything...but yet when a Republican who lived through and LED through 9/11 such as Rudy Giuliani merely mentions it in a speech, they're demonized by intellectual midgets such as Keith Olbermann as politicizing 9/11? Oh wait, we're just supposed to let that happen, I forgot.

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