Thursday, September 18, 2008

Playing the race card

I'm going to go somewhere that no one else is going. At least, no one I've read that made any damn sense. And I'm going to try to do it in a manner that is at least somewhat logical, unlike what you'll read on many blogs and mainstream media sites.

There have been a couple comments lately from people like the governor of Kansas, Kathy Sebelius, has said that "race may be a factor" in the election. She's basically saying that Americans are racist, or at least the Americans who are voting for John McCain and not the Obamessiah. While the McCain camp has done a tremendous job of steering VERY clear of anything that would imply that they would bring up race as a factor in this campaign, the Obamessiah's campaign has been MORE than willing to play the race card repeatedly. Sebelius is only the most recent messenger, but several have been out there trying to play on the guilt and lack of intelligence of some voters out there. "Hmm, if I support McCain, am I a closet racist?" some of your less intellectual crowd may ask. And those who have the brains full of mush (those would be your recent college students as well as the Dimwitocrat voters and 95% of Hollyweird), will think "well, this will go to show EVERYONE that I'm NOT a racist".

The problem with that argument is that, no one really f-ing cares. Seriously. No one. Not one f-ing person. Your voting for Obamessiah because you've been a closet racist all these years will NOT make up for your supporting of affirmative action because you think that at their core, minorities are just not as intelligent as whites. It will not make up for your crossing the street when you see a black man coming directly at you on the sidewalk. It will not make up for all the times when you saw a black woman with more than 4 kids and thought "probably on welfare", instead of "Catholic family". No, no amount of white guilt will be assuaged with this vote, no matter how much you think it will be.

But the Obamessiah supporters are already out there, playing this card to it's hilt, shoving the race card in front of everyone, making sure everyone knows that Obamessiah is black. And if we don't elect him, it's because we're racist and because America isn't ready for a black president. They won't acknowledge that it's because we don't believe in the direction he wants to take the country, they won't acknowlege that it's because he wants to turn us into Europe and make us subservient once again to foreign interest (as Jimmy Carter worked to do). No, it's purely racism, and America just isn't as open-minded as our European colleagues.....except that no European country has ever elected a black president, prime minister, or leader either. But that doesn't matter.

Bottom line, IF the Obamessiah loses this fall, plan on the spin to be "it's because YOU ARE racist" that he lost and America is a racist country.

Heard it here first.

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