Friday, September 12, 2008

Pammy doesn't like Sarah

Apparently strong women are something that Pamela Anderson just can't stand. Recently in an interview (Not sure what sort of crap project she's promoting now, but...), she said "She can suck it. I can't stand her" when asked about Sarah Palin.

Now this brings up two things:
1. I would think that "She can suck it" from one of the biggest whores in Hollywood would be a compliment, but apparently not.
2. I'm impressed with her intellectual prowess and verbal capacity. Or....not.

Let's face it, Ms. I've had more bones in me than a graveyard isn't going to influence anyone's vote, nor is Matt "I'm the talented one, he's the pretty one" Damon going to influence anyone with more than a room temperature IQ with his "bad Disney movie" comment.
But what does this say about Dimwitocrats in general? Their overwhelming contempt for regular Americans as not being of sufficient breeding to hold high office shows that our dollars are misspent on entertainment and should be spent elsewhere. Or at least, spend them on the conservative actors that respect America and our heritage and heartland.

Of course, I'm just a midwestern guy who actually served is country in more of a military capacity and not entertainment capacity, so what the hell do I know?

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