Monday, September 22, 2008

Confrontation #1

I drive a truck. Not a big burly farm truck, but a truck nonetheless. On the back of my truck is a Marine Corps sticker, an American flag, and I used to have a Bush/Cheney 04 sticker. However, last week I replaced the Bush/Cheney sticker (not because I no longer support President Bush but because there is very limited real estate in the back window of a pickup truck if you don't want to get pulled over) with a sticker that states "Vote Democrat. It's easier than working".

Now, I fully expected that sticker to irritate some folks. I mean, let's face it, God did put me on this earth to piss people off and so far, I've far exceeded his expectations. However, I don't think I expected the type of reaction I got in a gas station in Mattawan Michigan on Saturday. I was minding my own business, putting the prerequisite $75 worth of gas in my empty tank and a guy yells from the vehicle behind me "Hey, what's that sticker supposed to mean?". Knowing that the guy either a) knew full well what it meant and wanted to be a smart ass or b) was truly a liberal and needed it explained in smaller words, I smiled kindly and said "It means that I believe that people should work for things and not have the government give them everything, unlike the majority of Democrats". He continued:
"You a Republican?"
"No sir, I just believe that people can do better for themselves than the government can do for them"
"Well, when Democrats are elected people get a fairer share of things"
"Really? Of what do we get a fairer share? Do we get to keep a 'fairer share' of our income? That's not what the facts show. The facts show that when Democrats get elected, we get to keep less of our income because they keep raising taxes."
"Well, Democrats look out for people"
"No, actually Democrats look out for themselves and try to make sure you're more reliant on the government and in turn more reliant upon them"
"Democrats try to cut our taxes and make business pay more of their fair share"
"Really, and how has that worked out for us here in Michigan? Looks like Jenny and the boys have done such a great job that we now lead the nation in unemployment."

At that point his friend, the driver, who I think was the lone braincell in the vehicle returned and made a comment I can't quite remember but essentially called his friend crazy. My wife was in my truck, saying hail mary's and hoping that I didn't walk back to the other guy's vehicle. When I got back in the truck, after filling up both my fuel and motivation to slap down more ignorant liberals, she looked at me and said:

"I'm not driving your truck ever again".

Which hey, is almost as cool as slappin down an ignorant liberal on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

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