Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hypocrisy of the highest order

So, let me understand this....Dimwitocrats constantly complain that Republicans are close-minded and completely unaccepting of non-traditional families, births out of wedlock and generally puritannical when it comes to anything relating to sex or familial relations.

However, over the last presidency, we've had a VP with a lesbian daughter, fully accepted into the Republican establishment. Guess that doesn't count.

And now, we have a VP who has a daughter that is pregnant out of wedlock at 17 and the Dimwitocrats are the ones up in arms about it. Hell, they're even accusing Sarah Palin of faking her own pregnancy that resulted in the birth of her son, suggesting that her daughter actually had the baby and Palin was covering up for her. Apparently these folks have nothing else better to do than watch "Desperate Housewives" and post to the Daily Kos.

Hell, I think that the Dim's should be praising Sarah (if they want to remain intellectually honest, which we all know they couldn't do if their lives depended upon it) for vowing to support her daughter no matter what. But of course, the cries of "hypocrisy" come out.
"How can the party that teaches abstinence put a VP who has a daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock on the ticket?"..... Gee, idiot, perhaps because she's the right person for the job and we acknowledge that despite all our efforts, sometimes it fails. Unlike you folks who are completely perf...*cough* *choke*...sorry, couldn't even get that out.

Message to the Kos Kids: We're not the ones raising hell about the unwed mom, you are. We're not the ones attacking the female for being a female, you are. Perhaps, the women voters should take note and ensure that their support isn't thrown behind the same candidate that these psycho's support.

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