Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Where are the feminists?

When Sarah Palin is attacked because she's not going to have enough time to devote to her family as VP, where's Hillary stepping up and saying "HEY, BACK OFF ASSWIPE"? Where's Nancy Pelosi telling the whiners at DailyKos to chill the hell out on the attacks and investigations of the children of Sarah Palin? Why is it that attacks and investigations of Chelsea Clinton's sex life was off limits but Bristol Palin is fair game?

Geraldine Ferraro, the very first woman to EVER be on a national party ticket, is the only voice I've heard in the wilderness of feminism to actually be voicing some annoyance with this sort of complaint. Other than Republicans of course, but their voices don't count in the media. Neither will Geraldine's or any other feminist who dares to voice an opposition to the mainstream media's playbook.


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