Thursday, July 27, 2006

Casey buys some land for mom

Cindy Sheehag most recent dump that she's taken upon the grave of her son? She's used the insurance money that she got from his death to purchase land in Crawford Texas. Yep, the exact same Crawford Texas where the president also owns property.

Her ripoff group, goldstarwhateverbitches were asked to sign a release in order to use the same land as last year, and they refused. The release was basically to hold the owner harmless in case anything happens on the land to the persons there. So the ambulance chasing, trial lawyer, democrat lovers can't sue the owner. Sheehag responded to him that she felt held hostage, and his response was "You can go away now".

Once again, "paging St. Cindy, your 15 minutes are up".....

Dear Casey, Thanks for your sacrifice. Sorry about your mom.
a Grateful Nation.

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