Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is it just me?

Or is everyone a friggin whiner lately? Jesus, it's July. It's SUPPOSED to be hot you morons. It's not global warming, it's this cool thing that maybe you heard of....SUMMER?!!
Assbags....'waaaah, it's hot!!'...
90 degrees is perfectly normal in Michigan during the late days of July and early August. 110 is not unheard of in the upper midwest, despite the reports that it was a headlining event.
Matt Drudge, who seems to have an odd fascination with weather anyway, has been headlining about the weather for the last two days. Get over it Matt, yep, it's hot. And guess what, it's hot everywhere. It's summer.

When it's -20 in January, that'll be news too...and I'll be shaking my head again.

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