Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Join in a firestorm

At the risk of driving further traffic to a lame site, I'd like to republish my comments here so that folks may participate, or choose to post their comments on his site as well. I posted this comment on in response to some stupid post of his, claiming that the American media is pro-Israel (which I tend to find 100% wrong):
At the risk of actually driving traffic to this lame site, I'm going to
actually post a bit of intellectual truth here. Yes, it'll be a breath of fresh
air, so it's a risk...Balance in the US media? You're actually saying that the
US is balanced AGAINST the terrorists (yes, terrorists) from Hizbollah? Are you
insane? This would be the same media that calls the foreign nationals in Iraq
who flocked there from other countries to kill Iraqis and Americans as 'freedom
fighters', but they're balanced toward the US? Honestly, who struck first?
Israel? Would that be the same Israel that hasn't been in Gaza for almost a year
now? The same Israel that hasn't been in southern Lebanon for 6 years? But
they're oppressing the people there. You're obviously smoking much of the
product of the poppies grown in northern Afghanistan that your beloved Taliban
had almost wiped out.Supposed academics like you who refuse to actuallyl educate
yourself as to the real problems in the area are just useful idiots for the
Islamo-facists. The amazing thing is that most of you call George Bush a
fascist. As if he's ever stoned someone for adultery (or ordered one) or hung
someone for homosexuality. Hypocrite.
After getting flamed multiple times, although none had the balls to post anything here, even though I posted my blog address there, I had a second comment:
It amazes me the number of you people even know how to SPELL truth, much less try to figure out what exactly it is. Obviously the idiotic things said in these comments are too numerous to mention, but there are a few I'd love to slap down.
1. Oppression=Israel? Yeah, right. Because a Democratic society where people are allowed freedoms and the ability to believe as they wish and worship as they wish is ever so oppressive. A christian in Israel has all the rights in the world to worship the way they want. Can you say the same about a Jew in Syria or Iran? No. And if the Palestinians want someone to blame about their lot in life, they should start with that corrupt leadership they've had for the last 30 years. Yassir Arafat funneled more money away from the Palestinians than was spent on their assistance.
2. Uneven casualty reports = bias. BS again. There is a reason why there are more casualties on the Lebanese side than the Israeli side and that's military expertise. When the Israeli's bomb a rocket cache, they hit it and kill all around that cache. It's not the Israeli's fault that the inbred pedophiles in Hezbollah chose to hide their rockets in schools and mosques. When Hezbollah fires a rocket, they fire it and then scurry like the cockroaches they are back into the darkness.
Bottom line, they're cowards that are unwilling to step into the daylight and fight man to man, because if they ever did, they'd be wiped from the earth to be given their 72 virgins that I guarantee will look a lot like Helen Thomas.
So, for those of you who would like to slapdown some ignorant folks, there's so many out there that need a good slap. But these folks may be a good start.

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