Monday, January 31, 2005

Greedy Americans

Ok, so we're several weeks out from the tsunami now, and I think we've got enough perspective to really examine the 'namecalling' that happened within the week after the disaster.
We're greedy. Yep, us Americans should feel bad because we didn't immediately drop everything that we were working on (you know, the cure for AIDS, cure for cancer, spreading freedom, etc), and donate a larger percentage of Gross National Product to UN organizations that already can't keep track of the small amount(comparatively speaking) of money generated in the Iraqi oil-for-food program, allowing several countries and individuals to bribe Saddam for oil vouchers.
The UN head of humanitarian relief, Jan Egeland, actually had the cohones (a little multiculturalism for you) to criticize the US for not raising taxes in order to donate more money to the cause. He called the initial donation of $350 million that we made without even KNOWING the extent of the disaster, miserly. This of course was when the death toll was about 1200. Do the math, not a bad amount, $291666 per, based upon initial figures.
Let's examine some of the other countries donations, shall we? Egypt (who gets $2 billion a year from US) - $104,000. United Arab Emirates-$20 million, Kuwait-$10 million, Saudi Arabia-$10 million (not bad, but if you consider their some of the richestcountries in the world, you'd think they would want to donate more to help their Muslim 'brothers'). You'd also think that just for pride purposes they'd want to donate more than the Great Satan.
Funny how the last four places where American blood was shed in defense of innocents was Iraq (defending/freeing Muslims), Afghanistan (defending/freeing Muslims), Bosnia (defending Muslims), Kuwait (defending Muslims). And also funny how the evil corporations that the liberals/Democrats say are taking advantage of people and sucking our society dry, and who they rail against every opportunity they get, donated multi-millions to the cause. Pfizer donated $10 million in cash and $25 million in drugs. GM donated $2 million in cash, promised to match employee donations dollar-for-dollar, and donated vehicles to be used for transporting aid materials. Several other companies donated both financial aid and products including Coke, Exxon (BIG OIL!), Citigroup, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
Oh and where is the left? George Soros? Barbara Streisand? Michael Moore? Nowhere to be found. Oh yeah, Bruce Springsteen and Bono offered to have a concert to collect YOUR money, but did they donate any of their own? Nope. And did Kofi Annan drop everything to run back to the UN right after the disaster? Nope. Did the New York Times give President all kinds of grief for NOT running back to DC after the disaster? Yep. Kofi Annan didn't return to the UN until Wednesday, not wanting to cut his skiing vacation in Jackson Hole WY short. Mr. Secretary, while the US appreciates your tourism dollars, I think you would not have hurt our feelings to return a bit early.

Bottom line, per usual, the hate America crowd (or Blame America, whatever you want to pick) is typically screwed in their thinking, once again. Luckily we have people like you and I who basically tell idiots like them to kiss our ass.


John Burgess said...

Your information about Saudi Arabia's donations is a bit out of date. The Saudi government's initial pledge was for $10 million--as you state. It was later increased to $35 million. Also, a nation-wide telethon was held in which $82 million was raised.

Further, the Islamic Development Bank, headquarted in Jeddah, has pledged $500 million for tsunami relief.

Even without the the IDB pledge, the over-$110 million raised directly represents a bigger chunk of per-capita giving than almost any country on earth (the Norwegians beat them).

You can find more information about this at my blog entry. If you search on "tsunami", you'll find even more info.

Anonymous said...

Hate to post anonymously, but I don't have or want an account. For those that care, this is the Polish Rocket ;)

How much aid did the UN and other countries give the U.S. when Florida got slammed by three hurricanes in the course of two weeks? When San Diego and southern Cali were torched by fires and then slammed with mud slides?

Just wondering....

Unknown said...

Ok, I'll accept a correction. That still doesn't excuse the original designation of the US as a 'stingy' nation if you really look at the amount of money from both the public and private sectors, I'm willing to be that we'd probably come damn near to the funding level of the other nations that have a fraction of the population that we have.