Monday, January 31, 2005

Democrats and Liberals can kiss my ass

So much for you pansy Dems whining about the Iraqi people not turning out to vote. Just because you're too lazy to show up to vote when it's raining doesn't mean that everyone else is such a complete waste of oxygen.

When freedom is on the line, the people who wish to be free turn out to protect their freedom. No amount of threats from those goat-loving, cowardly, islamo-facists would stop most of these people from showing up to select their leadership. In so doing, they have proven the contrarians wrong, who consistently have said "Middle eastern people just don't want freedom, they can't handle it". Apparently it's perfectly fine for liberals to make sweeping derogatory statements for an entire race of people, but if a conservative (Trent Lott) says nice things about a FORMER segregationist (Strom Thurmond), that's a hanging offense apparently. Never you mind the fact that Robert Byrd is a former Klansman, that's not supposed to be public knowledge, nor are you supposed to care, because HE'S a Democrat, and thus should be forgiven for all past transgressions.

Stupidity has no limits on that side of the aisle, apparently.

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