Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Anal retentive people are stupid

Well, that didn't take long. I figured it'd be at least a day or two before someone did something that pissed me off enough to share with you.

So, within our company, as with many other companies, we have a policy which states that if the company doesn't own a license for the software, or otherwise control it, you shouldn't install it. This goes for shareware, freeware, etc.

Well, GoogleDesktop search rocks, and lots of people I know have installed it, including co-workers. Obviously, this isn't a 'licensed' piece of software, but most IT guys pretty much look the other way for cool tools such as this. Heck, Firefox isn't licensed, AOL IM isn't licensed, but they're cool with that.

Anyway, I digress....

So, Todd, one of the guys in my group, sends out an email which talks about the possible vulnerabilities associated with the Google Desktop search and the various ways to secure it better on your computer. Well, we have this guy in that group, yeah, he's THAT guy. The guy who thinks that his sole existence is to make sure that others follow the random policies that he's memorized from beginning to end. He calls Todd and asks "Have you considered that it may not be within policy to even install the Google Search?"

Now, to some of you, this may seem normal. Some of you are stupid. This is the same guy who took a ruler and measured the distance between the push pins on his bulletin board to ensure they were equidistant. This is the same guy who cannot stand to be in an office with an open cupboard door or an open drawer. He can't stand it when I unlock the lab at our office and keep the door open when there's no one in the lab, DESPITE the fact that I sit across the hall from the lab and can watch the door. This is the same guy who I thought was going to cry when I slapped him down for just randomly changing standards based upon his VAST experience (that would be 2.5 years of employment and 4 years of college). He definitely has this "God-complex" and should be beaten with a bag of rabid cats. Truly, someone should hold him down, cover him with 1 foot lengths of duct-tape, and rip it off, one piece at a time. Hopefully, someone in my group will be inspired by this post and do it...yeah, get angry.

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