Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Let the lies begin....

Well, the first official renig (spelling?) of the Nancy Pelosi era has taken place. Granted her support of Murtha as majority leader was foolish, and her initial support of impeached federal judge turned congressman Alcee Hastings as Intelligence committee chair was just foolish. But now, in a 180 to the promises of a 'civil' congress, representatives of various leadership have stated that they will force through their legislature without any input from Republicans.
It certainly seems like a move to pick a fight with the Republicans that are still licking their wounds from the election and force them to either go along and look like they're 'working with' the majority, thus alienating them even further from their supporters. Or they could put up a fight and give the Dimwits an opportunity to point at that as further evidence of the 'do nothing' Republicans or the lack of the Republicans desire to be 'civil'.

Sounds like a win-win for the Dimwits, and the Republicans are giving it to them.

Nice work guys.

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