Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CBS= See B.S.

Since we don't have nearly enough pregame hype before the Super Bowl already, the morons at SeeBS have decided to create a military tie-in with the Super Bowl. They are going to stage a football game in Iraq amongst the troops stationed there. They're going to provide them with Colts and Bears jerseys and stage a touch football game.

Now, I don't know about any of you, and whether you've been in a combat zone or not. But when I was in one, the last thing I wanted to see was some civilian pogue coming toward me with a camera and microphone, looking to advance their career by twisting the words of a poor slob from West Bumfart Texas to fit their agenda. I'd rather face enemy fire. At least you KNOW what their agenda is.

Seriously, wtf are these assbags thinking? Oooo...I'm sure the military will just LOVE us if we let them play football for our entertainment. I'm sure that the Roman emperors who 'let' the christians fight the lions for their entertainment thought that as well.....

And I agree with the guy from the site listed above. The real hard-chargers, the guys who SHOULD get the red-carpet treatment, won't be able to participate. Those are the guys who will be out on patrol, killing the bad guys to make sure that these pogues from SeeBS can get their sorry fat civilian asses back to their hotels safely.

Wanna do something for the troops SeeBS? Get the hell out of there, let them do their jobs, report the truth instead of the crap that supports your dumb-assed opinions and maybe, just maybe, get them several big-screen TV's, a satellite dish, a hundred pounds of the best damn steaks you've ever had and leave them the hell alone.

If it wasn't for CSI, I don't know why anyone would even think about watching that sorry assed excuse for a network.

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