Monday, January 22, 2007

Buckle your seatbelts Michigan

It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

Jenny 'from the block' Granholm has created a special commission made up of political hacks and wannabees to take a look at the 'budget challenge' (as she likes to refer to it) and see what can be done. Typical gutless move. Let's not make decisions and move forward. She'd much rather be able to pawn off any tax increase on this commission. And do not mistake this move, there WILL be tax increases. Whether it's a doubling of the fees paid for deer licenses, increase in beer taxes (oh sweet Jesus no!), or any other increase in taxes, there will be increases. Because it's not in the DNA of Dimwitocrats to actually cut government.
As much as many in the state like to demonize former governor John Engler, that's one thing he definitely had zero problem with, cutting government. The only issue I had with his cutting was that he only privatized portions of the government, still leaving the government to manage the contracts. Bah. Let private enterprise take care of things and get the government out of our lives.
Stop pissing away my taxes and cut the fat Jenny. Of course to cut the fat would mean to cut much of the subsidies that Wayne County (read: City of Detroit) gets currently, which would be cutting her own political throat.

Oh, and let's take a look at the people who will be on this special commission shall we?
-Bill Milliken, a former Republican governor...I say Republican with his name and the bile rises up in the back of my throat. He's about as Republican as Lincoln Chafee. He also presided over some of the worst years in Michigan history, economically. Yep, he's a winner.
-Jim Blanchard, a former Dimwitocrat governor...If Bill Milliken's years were the worst, Jimmy's were next in line. Most regularly used term during newscasts during Blanchards tenure was "More Michigan jobs will be lost when ______ plant closes at the end of this week/month/year"
-Frank Kelley - former Attorney General for the state of Michigan. This guy sat in the government for 30-something years and he's going to be making decisions as to how to make cuts? Oh, and didn't do jack about deadbeat dads, corruption in the city of Detroit (remember Coleman Young?), or a multitude of other things that he just let slide during his tenure.
- Lou Anna Simon and S. Martin Taylor...regents for Michigan State and U Michigan respectively. I'm sure they'll advocate large cuts in funding for higher education....NOT
- Joe Schwarz - former congressman, kinda Republican, who was defeated because he wasn't really one. As liberal as he is, I'm not surprised that he'd be on Jenny's pick list.
- Don Gilmer- Kalamazoo County administrator and former state budget director. The token conservative on the committee and lone bright spot. However, when asked if he'd support tax increases he said he'd consider it. Yeesh, some bright spot.

Hang onto your wallets folks, when these types of people get together, it can only be bad news for the Michigan taxpayers.

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