Friday, January 19, 2007

Heil SanFrancisco!

So, Republicans trample on civil liberties? It's the Republicans fault that amendments 1-7 have been used as toilet paper by so many judges throughout the land that they're rapidly becoming quaint little historical afterthoughts?
Typical whiny-assed hysteria. Do you feel any less free now than you did 6 years ago? Is there anything you cannot do now that you could do 6 years ago (and for those of you getting up in age, I don't mean run a 5+minute mile)? Sure, I can't bring explosives on a plane, but I couldn't do that before. I can't talk about hijacking a plane, but again, legally I couldn't do that before. I have to be searched before getting on a plane. Not sure what civil right is violated here since I don't remember the founding father mentioning air-travel in their various and sundry books and letters written before and after the adoption of the consitution, but let's go with it.

Then there's freedom of speech. Have the Republicans been the biggest violators of what can and cannot be said, written, and discussed? Hell no. Yes, they objected to Janet Jackson's breast being shown in prime time and responded with some knee-jerk regulatory and legislative reaction. But let's face it, no one wants to see her breasts, especially in prime time. Howard Stern? Seriously, don't get me started on that jackass. Democrats AND Republicans both have had their share of fining him.

Then we have this. In that bastion of personal freedom (not) and hotbed of liberalism and Dimwitocracy (capital D, not the real democracy), San Francisco, they're requiring that local bloggers who provide free mention of a candidate and get more than 500 hits register and pay a registration fee.

Oh, but WE'RE the threat to free speech.

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