Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo 1963-2005

Terri Schiavo died this morning, ending her torture at the hands of her husband and the legal system which seems to thrive on a culture of death.
There are so many hypocritical areas of this story that I could take up several pages addressing them, but I'll just go after a few just to get your braincells going:
1. Scott Peterson gets a lethal injection which will end his life in a matter of seconds, but Terri Schiavo has to starve to death and dehydrate over a period of 13 days.
2. Michael Schiavo has moved on, had kids out of wedlock, gotten a girlfriend, but won't let go of his control over Terri's life(and death), for what reason exactly? Could it be the nearly $1.2 million in malpractice award he received as a result of Terri's disability?
3. Terri Schiavo is said to have had an eating disorder which may or may not have caused the condition which resulted in the heart attack that put her in her disabled state. However, there is no medical proof of this eating disorder, her family AND husband (on the record and under oath) state that she did not, nor had she had any drastic weight loss in the time period prior to her collapse. They still do not know the actual reason for her collapse, as the cardiac enzymes and tox-screen done in the hospital both came back negative.
4. Many of the same people (liberals) who say this is not the public's business generally are also the ones who are in favor of 'no-kill' shelters for animals. So apparently a dog's life is much more important than a humans.

Godspeed Terri, may you enjoy the blessings in heaven that you may have been denied on earth, and may your husband enjoy the special place in hell that is waiting for him.

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