Monday, March 28, 2005

So much for a weak Big 10

Now, I'm not a basketball fan, but I kinda listen when people on SportCenter are talking about stuff related to the games, and leagues. As a huge Big 10 fan, after Michigan is eliminated in a sport, I cheer for the Big 10 schools, just because it's always better to have the guys who beat your team succeed, otherwise your team looks like a bunch of pansies.
Anyway, the Big 10 was supposed to be pretty weak this year, an 'off-year' as many brainiacs in the media called it.

Nice to know that even in an off year the Big 10 can get 3 out of the final 6 spots, and 2 out of the final four.

Not a bad OFF year. Christ wait 'til they're strong.

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Brian said...

Basketball, Schmasketball. NFL minicamps start in a month, and the draft is in less than a month.

Football is all that matters.