Thursday, March 24, 2005

Let her live fer chrissakes

Ok, so I've been relatively silent on this whole Terri Schiavo thing, but I figure that before she expires, I had to post something.
1. I don't care if people arrange ahead of time to have themselves unplugged in this situation. That's their business and it's no business of the government to step in and meddle. However, that's not the situation here. My understanding was that she was a pretty strong Catholic and that would have been against her religious beliefs to just unplug her like this.
2. It certainly seems like her husband doesn't care much about her situation, considering he's pretty much abandoned her and moved on with his life...not afraid to spend the money he got from that malpractice suit that he won as a result of Terri's condition. I can't put myself in his shoes, but I KNOW that I'd never abandon my wife in this situation, even though we both have living wills already arranged. Still wouldn't happen.
3. Where does this stop? There are severely handicapped people who have been fed through tubes and have little advanced mental activity. Should we starve them? How about alzheimers patients? Do we let them starve too? There is coming a point where our society is going to basically allow anyone with some fault to be arguably put to death. It's idiocy. The 'slippery slope' argument is definitely in effect here.

What I'm trying to say is, let her live. Feed her, if she doesn't recover, so be it. If she does then wonderful

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