Friday, March 11, 2005

Sweet sweet bandwidth.....

DSL. Yep. Finally. SBC may suck at doing the whole business connection thing, and be relatively unreliable when it comes to service calls on the business side, but residential, I gotta give them props. When I first got DSL, back three years ago, it sucked. Up, down, up, down. Wouldn't support the router I had, had to go buy a new one, blah blah. Guess that's what I get for being the first person in a brand new subdivision to get DSL. Even the tech kind of looked at me and said, "well, what do YOU think?". I responded with some curses, sent him away, and called SBC (at the time Ameritech) customer service and requested another tech.
So last year when I realized I was paying $49/month with SBC for DSL for 1.2mb, and I could get 3mb for $44 with Comcast, it was a no brainer. Yeah...that's it.
Unfortunately, no brainer is apparently the name for their service. It was down more than the NASDAQ over the last 6 years. So finally, after being down for the fourth day in a row on Monday, I called SBC and said "I'll be good, please, just give me your DSL". And they responded by giving me 3mb for $29. Now that's a deal. Then they gave me an install date of March 14, which at the time was a week. 'I can suffer with Comcast for a week', I thought to myself. Well, the SBC guy was here yesterday, installed my line and advised me that I was set up. Just waiting for gear.....I come home from working @ Panera (since my comcast was down AGAIN), and what should I find on my front porch? My DSL modem. w00t!

So, now if I'm cursing about my connection, all you'll hear are three little words.....S....B.....C.....

Who says monopolies are necessarily bad?

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