Monday, June 02, 2008

Obama Quits!

Um, before you get too excited, allow me to clarify.....

He quits his church. Trinity United Church of Christ in the Chicago area. The one where Reverend Jeremiah Wright spewed his anti-American venom. Where lies about the government inventing HIV/AIDS to kill blacks were spouted like facts and where Barack and Michelle sat intently listening, not objecting, not showing any sort of regret, but rather supporting Wright and touting him as a spiritual advisor. The very same church that has a statement of faith that includes the education of Africans living in diaspora. (For those of you who went to public schools, diaspora means people not being allowed to live in their homeland)

At least until the political heat got too hot for them and he had to be thrown under the bus like so much political baggage.

One wonders if this will be bandied about on the editorial pages and on the Sunday news talk shows as a "intelligent move" and give Obama all kinds of credit for distancing himself once he realized the hatred that Reverend Wright has for this country. Or will it be addressed as a politically expedient move by a slithery politician who is even more adept at handling such problems than Slick Willie himself. Perhaps that's because the media gives him such a wide leeway and fails horribly to do their one job, question. Cynicism is reserved for Republicans and conservatives. They have little left for Dimwitocrats, and even less for liberal Dimwitocrats.

And just in case you don't understand why it is that Jeremiah Wright and his church would be seen as a political liability in a national election, watch a three-minute report by ABC News (not exactly folks with a conservative axe to grind) with the kinds of things spewed at a TUCC Sunday sermon and you'll understand why it is that Obama threw Wright and the rest of his church under the bus in the name of political expediency:

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