Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today we sat through more seminars. One of which was relatively interesting yet dry about involving security in project management to ensure that security interests are taken care of before implementation. Yep....for the majority of you reading this, boring as hell.
The other was Information Warfare. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about. All about the hacking, defending, and other information that is put out to either disinform, win the hearts and minds, or otherwise terrorize the citizens of the world. Very interesting stuff.
Additionally, there was karaoke tonight, which ended up somehow the computer guys singing "Like a Virgin"...thanks MBA guys....assholes.
Visits to the bar are resulting in more and more appreciation for local Vermont-brewed beer, but I still miss Bells. Trying to convince the bartender and bar manager to get a sample of it so they can bring it here, but not much luck.
Tomorrow will be amusing in that we're doing a digital combat exercise. Basically we're given a network and told "hack it". We get points for different things such as identifying vulnerabilities, exploiting those vulnerabilities, finding files in the file structure, identifying the entire network etc. The winning team gets something amusing, but I forget what that something is.
And finally, tonight, about 12:30, the drunks from the Masters of Justice Administration (that would be cops) came strolling into the parking lot behind Goodyear hall, where the majority of the MSIA students are staying. They were making a lot of noise, disturbing the drinking that was going on in the room where I was hanging out. I stuck my head out and said "hey, quiet down, we're drinkin up here", to which they responded, "we're drinking here too, and we have bagpipes"......well, who could resist that? Seriously?
So we had an impromptu parade, with several members of the MJA, MSIA, and MBA programs wandering around the parade grounds, following the piper. Until of course the security guy shows up in his pickup truck, slams the door, and whines "we've had some noise complaints, so quiet down". Man, you shoulda seen the MJA guys go running. I mean, these are the cops of the world and they're afraid of a Norwich student security guy? The other MSIA participant and I just laughed and walked calmly toward Goodyear to enjoy yet another Norwich memory.

Go Cadets!

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