Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Looking bad....

Republicans who are hoping that a candidate emerges from the pack to step up and bitch-slap Hillary/Obama are likely to be extremely disappointed. I really realized this during my morning shower when my wife was complaining how pathetic life is going to be with Hillary in the White House and wondering why it was that the Republicans couldn't come up with a (in her words) "decent candidate".

Well, honestly, there are several 'decent candidates' out there.

-Newt Gingrich is a good man, extremely intelligent and will be skewered as the architect of the 'contract ON America' by the media. You think the left-wing whackjobs were nuts after GWB, just wait until Newt starts showing up on the Presidential radar. Right now, he's my guy, if for no other reason but because he makes the liberals crazy.

-Mitt Romney is an extremely articulate guy, who got elected twice in the liberal state of Taxachusetts. This is the home of Senators Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer, so to do that as a Republican shows some major electability. However, his change of heart regarding several social issues will come back to haunt him as the media plays that up. Of course, any changes of heart by Dimwitocrats will be shown as learning and maturing. His changes will be shown as 'waffling' or kow-towing to the 'Christian Right' (a concept that exists in the minds of conspiracy theorists and media types)

- John McCain. Media darling for his 'maverick' ways and willingness to criticize the current administration and suck up to various Dimwitocrats. Also a major disaster for this country if ever elected. Doesn't have the support of most Republicans who see him as a spineless sell-out for his pact with 6 other Republicans and 7 Dimwitocrats to ensure absolutely nothing productive came out of the Senate during 2005-2006 session. Would also do absolutely nothing to secure the borders. Talk about your miserable failure? Oh yeah, a McCain presidency would be that and more.

- Rudy. Everyone has a soft spot for America's Mayor. Everyone except the libs who would like to see his hard core attitude toward crime and punishment, taxation, and other sorts of social positions be hidden by his liberal attitudes toward abortion and gun control. He'll be a tough sell, given that most primary voters are more conservative than not, and those positions will be hammered on by his opponents. A Gingrich/Giuliani ticket would be interesting for it's contrast. Georgia/New York connection, plus a true Reagan conservative paired with a more moderate Republican on some issues. May be a winner, but I doubt it.

- Everyone else. Brownback, Tancredo, et al just don't have the name recognition yet. It's possible that they could do it, I mean, did you know who Bill Clinton was in 1990? No, unless you lived in Arkansas or were named Paula Jones, you didn't. And he did it.

Should be an interesting next couple of years for us political junkies.

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