Wednesday, February 21, 2007

John Edwards=Barbie without the brains

Does this buttmunch even LIVE in the real world? Does he have any sort of inkling as to the dangers to American interests that exist around the world? Does he ever step out of his little white-bread, protected, ambulance-chasing bubble?

I don't think so.

Recently in a speech in Hollyweird (which may explain some of the brainlessness, but probably not), Barbie called Israel the biggest threat to world peace that exists today.


So Ahmedinijad, who has actively pursued nukes so that they may be used for jihad, he's not the most dangerous. And China, who has developed the technology to shoot down satellites, they're not the most dangerous. Russia, who seems to be bringing back the ghosts of the cold war, waking up Stalin, and threatening to begin building medium range missiles again, they're not. And Kim Jong Mentally Il isn't either, even though he already has nukes and a complete lack of medication.

Yep, Israel. Those relatively peaceful folks off the Mediterranean who suffer the slings and arrows and stones of the Palestinians on a regular basis (along with the homicidal bombings), as well as Syrian and Iranian supported attacks from their north border via Lebanon. These people who have turned what was a desert wasteland into a productive piece of land, they're the most dangerous. These same people who lead the world in intelligence gathering models, information technology, and information technology security, they're the ones who are the most dangerous threat to world peace.

Perhaps Barbie was misquoted. Perhaps he was noting the Jews penchant for strange foods, such as gefelte fish and borscht, and he meant whirled peas.

Nah, Barbie couldn't be that clever if someone wrote it for him.

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