Friday, January 27, 2006

Filibuster Alito?

John Kerry, from the safety of Switzerland, where he's guaranteed not to get his stupidity and Lurch-ness splashed across the 6 o'clock news, called for his fellow DemonRats to filibuster the nomination of Samuel Alito. He says that he's outside the mainstream of American values and too radical to replace a 'moderate' like Sandra Day O'Connor.
First of all, Alito, while conservative, is nowhere near outside the mainstream of American values. Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who received a 96-3 vote for confirmation, with no threat of filibuster from the Republicans was a lawyer for the ACLU. THE ACfrickinLU. Now, if you talk about an organization that is outside the mainstream of American values, THERE'S a no-brainer.
The majority of Americans (according to a recent poll about 80%) support a national ID card. ACLU? against.
The majority of Americans support one man-one woman marriage. ACLU? Against.
The majority of Americans support parents being notified when their minor child gets an abortion. The ACLU? Against.
But yet, Ms. Ginsberg received a 96-3 confirmation vote.
The tradition of review of nominees is long and storied, and honestly a good thing. But why is it that it's only the Republican nominees that get raked over the coals like this? Justice Clarence Thomas? shouldhavebeen Justice Bork? Justice Roberts (if ever there was a boy-scout nominee, theres one), and now soon to be Justice Alito.

Ridiculous. At least people are finally recognizing this for what it is, Politics. Pure Politics. The only reason that Ted (hic) Kennedy can get away with lecturing someone of the class of Samuel Alito about ethics, is politics. Just wondering why it is that CNN didn't bring up the numerous scandals that Senator (hic) Kennedy has been involved in during his lifetime. I'm willing to bet he's taken more money from special interests, and is way more beholden to them than Alito EVER will be.

Screw you Kerry, Kennedy, and LeakyLeahy. Go Sam!

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