Monday, January 30, 2006

Couple of things

Just to address a couple emails I've received and then comment on some other stuff:
1. No, I don't believe in censorship, nor do I believe that someone's comments should be deleted, changed, or otherwise edited. However, I DO believe in not getting my butt sued, and as a result, edited one person's comments (clearly noted in the spots where I did) to ensure that my former employer had no cause to bring any sort of action against me or against my blog. I have too much fun making fun of people to stop now!
That having been said, Mr. Reid, if you don't stop with the F-bombs, I will delete every one of your self-centered comments (despite what you think, everything on this blog is not about you, in fact, I have no idea who you are, nor do I care). Take your meds and a deep breath before you post again, otherwise you will be banned. We can agree to disagree, and debate over these disagreements. We don't have to get down and dirty. However, my grandma used to say "never wrestle with a pig, it only gets you muddy and makes the pig happy". My advice to you is to follow that bit of down-home wisdom.

2. Detroit is in the spotlight this week. In an interesting bit of timing, Ford announced the largest cuts in their workforce in its history, along with the closing of several of their plants last week. The standard press leading up to the Super Bowl has been "put a good face on Michigan" blah blah. However, since we are the only state that has lost jobs and not been hit by a hurricane, our brain drain continues, and the outlook is bleak and getting bleaker as long as the UAW doesn't see the writing on the wall, I just don't see it happening. On the plus side, with all the layoffs, we should have a good pool of people available to be volunteers for the Super Bowl.

3. An ABC anchor gets whacked by an IED. Ok, not whacked, but seriously injured. So who thinks that this story is overblown? I mean, I don't see a DrudgeReport siren every time Lance Corporal Joe Schmucatelli gets hurt by an IED. I can see this going one of two ways. Either the peaceniks use this to make the point that 'See? Iraq isn't getting any safer', or the media shuts up for a bit, realizing that our troops are putting their lives in danger every day just by driving outside of their compound and that their constant drumbeat of defeat is only hurting them.
Since the members of the media tend to have their heads in their collective rectums, I'm going with the former. But it never hurts to be a little optimistic.
Happy Monday.

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