Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Love my country, fear my government

Yes, I'm a dyed in the wool Republican/Conservative. Am I 100% happy with the way things are going? Heck no. We could cut the amount of money the government spends on stupidity by 100%, and maybe give some of that money back to the people who earned it.

But no, the big concern that I have is those people out there on BOTH sides of the aisle, Republican AND Democrat that seem to think that people need to be taken care of and regulated. The 'cradle to gravers' as I like to call them. The ones who believe that the only way you can have a satisfying life is if the government gives it to you. They're the ones who think that the government needs to send your parents to prenatal classes on how to care for your baby, the ones who think you should send your children to government prescribed head-start programs, the ones who dictate what's taught in K-12, the ones who think that children should be exposed to only certain things during their school time, the ones who are offended by the use of the N-word in literature and would like to see those books banned, but are just fine with so-called 'gangsta rappers' using it to their hearts content. These are the same people who want to tell you what sort of vehicle you can drive, when you can drive, and IF you can drive.

I have to believe that these are the same people who never have lived their lives without fear. They constantly fear that someone may actually be having fun without it being government prescribed. The fear that someone may actually LIVE without their influence. And no matter what anyone says President Bush does not want to ban blogging. But these idiot 'C2Gers'(cradle to gravers) do, because you may actually get an opinion from one of them that hasn't been appropriately sanitized by them.

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