Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Google rocks!

Ok, so I just figured I'd check to see if Google has found the juicy goodness that is my blog. And so I do a search, and it seems like EVERYONE is asking what the hell is wrong with you. So, needing the ego boost that seeing your page listed in Google, I thought "Hmm, what do I have on my page that others don't". Of course, I thought of the Duff-countdown, but heck, I found it using Google, so I know there's others. Then a flash from above, angels singing, and I realized it. Edward Kennedy Blows Goats. So I did the search and booya, I'm the only person in the Google-ized universe to have ever documented the fact that el Blimpo from Bahstahn does indeed fellate horned farm animals.
Now I've used Google to search for other stuff too, but this was cool. 'Other stuff' you say? But of course. Example: want Visa card numbers? Here's a few. Yeah, you can be creative and modify the search to find other types of stuff too. Movies, pictures, Excel files, PDFs, Word Docs....and some of this stuff is actually interesting (but the majority isn't), especially when these files include passwords, social security numbers and whatnot. Another fun thing is to find unsecured webcams. A guy wrote an entire book on this, available on Amazon, and since he's pretty much one of the original GoogleDorks, it's a pretty damn good book. Check it out if you get a chance.

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