Friday, April 03, 2009

Joe Biden - Drug Warrior

Anyone who pays any attention at all knows that Joe Biden has been near the front of the 'drug war', helping to sponsor laws that made it illegal to ship drug paraphenalia through the mail, made it illegal to throw a rave, and all kinds of other things that, in my personal opinion, pretty much violate our constitution, but that's neither here nor there. What's important is to understand that Joe is perfectly fine with throwing people in jail for recreational drug use as well as being a dealer.

Anyone who was paying attention during the election last year also knows that Sarah Palin has a daughter who was impregnated out of wedlock and if they're still paying attention, they know that her and the baby-daddy, a self-professed "redneck" have since split up. It was splashed all over the media, everywhere from the NY Slimes to Saturday Night Live, making fun of the fact that a teenager had gotten pregnant and all the while her mom (the vice presidential candidate) preaches abstinence. Of course they didn't mention that her mom also preaches birth control but that's for another discussion.

How are these two things related, you rightfully ask?

Hypocrisy. Typical media hypocrisy.

A conservative's daughter does something that may publicly embarrass the conservative by going against her parent's beliefs and it gets the cover of People magazine and spoofed on SNL. A liberal's daughter does something that may public embarrass the liberal, like say, get filmed snorting several lines of cocaine when she is the daughter of a well-known drug warrior, and it's 'snowed-under'....pun intended. Have you seen this news anywhere? No. Of course not. Because the guy who is allegedly shopping this video to various news organizations isn't getting the $$ he is asking for (of course not, it's not news they want to print). Were it one of the Bush twins, he'd own an island and be surrounded by beautiful pool-girls, without even owning a pool by now.  And what is the severely jacked up part of this whole thing?  The guy who is shopping the video is possibly facing prosecution for possession of drugs, which of course is only shown in his video.


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