Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hero gets his dog shot

If you've never heard the name Marcus Luttrell, I'm not surprised.  The media wouldn't publicize a true hero like him because it goes against their agenda.  Marcus Luttrell, in our era of calling sport players "heroes", and movie stars "heroes", is a true hero in every definition of the word.  Marcus Luttrell is a Navy SEAL that I've written about previously here, but I'll recap.  He was in Afghanistan when his SEAL team was ambushed and the rest of his team was killed in a series of gun battles with the Taliban.  He survived with the support of some villagers and the training and heart of a hero.  He lived to write a book called Lone Survivor which was number one on the New York Slimes best seller list for 6 weeks or so and if I remember right, is still on the list.  You can buy it at Amazon by clicking on the link to the right here or at your favorite bookstore.  This man is trained to kill.

Marcus was in his house the other day and a carload of drunk idiots pulled up, pulled a .357 magnum and killed his yellow laborador retriever, Dasy.  He chased the car for three counties, at speeds up to 110 mph before the police finally caught up to them and apprehended the wastes of oxygen that were driving in the car.  During his time recovering from the wounds received during combat as well as a parasite that he got during his escape, his dog was by his side 24x7.  Normally a man's dog is sacred, but this dog was not only that, but his best friend, his psychiatrist, his counselor, and his confidant.  And these scumbags take the dog from him in an act of random stupidity that can only be described as psychotic.

If Michael Vick gets months of newsprint for killing his own dog, don't you think that some dick-cheese that killed a hero's dog deserves a bit of press?  But when I do a search on Marcus Luttrell dog I find references to ONE news article, barely two pages long in the Dallas Morning News, and YouTube videos of Glenn Beck following the story.  Other military and conservative bloggers are following it of course, but ABC news?  No.  CNN?  No.  NBC?  HELL no.  Not one major news site carried any news about this atrocity.  I even went to CNN (as much as it hurt to do so) and did a search on their site, only to have them refer me to the YouTube of Glenn Beck.

I'm not trying to make a comparison between Michael Vick and these scuzzballs, there isn't one.  He was out to make some money and these ass-bags were just randomly shooting dogs.  Michael Vick is public enemy number one for several months because killed a dog that wasn't performing that belonged to him.  These fart-nozzles randomly kill SOMEONE ELSE'S DOG and get zero press.

WTF is wrong with this world?

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