Monday, November 03, 2008

Why John McCain will lose tomorrow

As much as I truly hope on Tuesday night the good people of America will prove me completely wrong, I just don't see it happening. Obviously the polls are out there, but I don't put much faith in those things. Ever since 1980 when I was reading the Sunday paper on the floor of the living room in our house in Niles Michigan and commented to my mother, "Man, it looks like it's going to be a REALLY close election". The write up in the South Bend Tribute was based on polls and was as wrong as you could have possibly been. Since then, I put very little faith in them. However, here's why I think it's going to be a blue couple of years for those of us who believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and the rights of the individual to be as independent of government intervention in every portion of our lives:

1. The Obamessiah is a 'rock-star'. No joke. He draws screaming fans who I certainly think that believe if he laid his hands upon them, they would be healed. The people who support him are mindless automatons who chant his name and would crawl over broken glass to touch a cigarette that may have touched his lips (you didn't know he smoked? Yeah, that leads to #2).

2. Complete disregard for any journalistic integrity. Major media outlets such as NBC are so far in the tank for The Obamessiah that some people are actually noticing, outside of the conservatives and Republicans. From Chris Matthews with his "chill in my legs" to Brian Williams, gushing over him about his first Newsweek cover, there has been zero journalistic integrity when covering the Obamessiah. Sarah Palin tries to get a state trooper fired who tasered his son, abused his authority, went to work under the influence, and generally was a bad cop, but happened to be her ex-brother in law and she is crucified. The Obamessiah hangs out with terrorists and supporters of terrorists and we're told "Oh, there's no story there". Which leads to point #3.

3. The American people, for all their optimism and all their goodness, tend to be idiots. Yes, you heard me, y'all are friggin morons, choosing to be led around through that ring in your nose by pop culture, media icons, and mob mentality. The rich are evil? Really? Make sure you tell Bill Gates that next time he donates the equivalent of the GDP of a small country to wiping out malaria in Africa. Corporations are evil? Oh really? If so, then I'm sure you won't mind donating that paycheck that you get from that evil corporation to help Mr. Gates wipe out malaria in Africa. It's the least you could do, after all. Wouldn't want to take blood money, right?
How is it that people who run legitimate businesses are targets for tax increases and made out to be selfish, unpatriotic, asses if they don't want to pay more taxes to support those who weren't willing to take a chance and start a company that creates jobs? Why is it that the people who ARE the backbone of America, the entrepreneurs and business owners are being made out to be the evil ones? Because the American people don't stand up and say "fuck you NY Times, this guy pays my bills with his corporation and I appreciate that". No, we're the folks who just nod and think to ourselves "yeah..son of a bitch should pay more in taxes".
I heard an advertisement on the radio that truly made my blood boil on Saturday. There is a guy running for State Senate named Chase Bulger (not sure if I spelled that right, but his name doesn't really matter, I just figured I'd give him a shout-out). He started an accounts receivable company, created jobs, and provided a service to other companies. A legal service. Yet the advertisement that his opponent had said "He makes his money off the backs of working people" and "You mean when I get a little behind in my bills, he's that guy that calls me?". I almost drove off the road I was so livid. Demonizing a guy for owning a legitimate company, that provides a legitimate service allowing other companies to help their cash flow issues is not only unethical, it's ridiculous. Additionally, he doesn't make his living off 'working people', he makes his living off deadbeat assholes that don't pay their bills. Are we just supposed to forgive those bills and let people walk away from their debts? Oh yeah, we are talking about a Dimwitocrat here, so I suppose so.
But yet, the American people accept this predigested pablum into their daily diet of advertising as God's honest truth. "That Republican must hate working people because he owns a collection company"...really? are you stupid or just merely not paying attention? Speaking of stupid....

4. Lies, damn lies, and politics. Right out of the gate, The Obamessiah broke a huge campaign promise. He said he'd take the public funding for his campaign. That would have given him a much smaller budget than the estimated $600 million he currently has, donated to him by huge donors. When the media (see #2) tells you that the majority of his donors were small donors under $100, know that's a lie.

5. The war. Yes, remember, that little conflict that's going in Iraq and in Afghanistan that was conveniently forgotten by the media when suddenly it started going well for us and they could no longer throw blood on the hands of the Republicans and President Bush. While Senator McCain's position on the surge can very well be credited for this success, the fact that it's not #1 in the minds of American's any longer belie the reasons why he's not getting credit for it.

6. Worldwide respect. While this isn't something that most Americans give a hill of beans about, there are those who look across the Atlantic and long for the approval of our buddies in the EU. "President Bush has ruined our reputation worldwide and sullied our image" say the whiners who see the Obamessiah as someone who will be loved on the world stage.
Perhaps, but ask yourself: Would you rather be popular or right? Would you rather be respected or feared?
Myself, I'd rather have the US be feared on the world stage. If we're respected because of our largesse, great, but I want those guys who would do evil to know that if they try it on us, we will retaliate with the full force of a nation of pissed off individuals.

I guess the nice part about all this is that I write much better when I'm pissed, and I can already foresee that I'm going to be pissed for at least the next two years, probably the next four. Stay optimistic guys and if you are going to vote for McCain, Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin, please make sure and vote. Those of you who are stupid enough to vote for Obama, go back to playing Xbox. You don't deserve to breathe, let alone vote.

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