Friday, November 07, 2008

Ok, going forward....

Well, you got what you wanted. At least, those of you who wanted oppressive taxes and government programs to help out everyone in every aspect of your life. There will be programs to help you go to school, help you buy diapers when you get pregnant, help you get that abortion because you didn't want to get pregnant, help you get birth control because you don't want to get pregnant, help you get rid of those venereal diseases that you got because while you were on the pill you thought it would protect you from those, help you get educated about STDs because you're an idiot, help you get a car to drive to McDonalds and back for that sorry-assed excuse of a job that the government help you get.

Oh there will be programs on top of programs. And you wanted them. At least, 52% of you wanted them anyway. And none of you will have to pay for them. Some nebulus rich people will pay for it, because that's the fair way of doing it. Only rich people should have to pay for these programs because they're taking more than their "fair" share and they're obviously under the mistaken notion that just because they worked for their wealth that they should be allowed to keep it. Nope, that's not fair. Redistribution of the wealth, now THAT'S fair.

I'd just like to thank the people who ran the McCain campaign and John McCain himself for not stepping to the plate when it came right down to it and ensuring that a competent campaign was actually put up against Mr. HopeandChange. Had a competent campain been put together where the opponent was shown to be a liberal and that sort of thing wasn't left to talk radio to expose, as well as ensuring that Reverend Wrong's messages of hatred from the left would have been played upon and Mr. HopeandChange's consistent lies about what he knew and who he knew were exposed, we may not have all that hope to look forward to.

Gosh, I just HOPE that the taxpayers (all 1% of them) of this country can actually afford all that CHANGE.

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